Riverside Tennis Center Riverside Challenge
Riverside Challenge

Ralph Wulz Riverside Tennis Center is excited to announce the start of the RIVERSIDE CHALLENGE! Each month earn points every time you play at RTC and have the opportunity to win $100!

Starting November 1, earn points for pro shop or concession purchases, racquet stringing, outdoor court time, private lessons, playing in a league, indoor court time, participating in a group lesson or drill, and the purchase of a racquet.

At the end of each calendar month, points will be totaled and the individual with the highest points will win $100 credit to be placed on their customer account at Riverside Tennis Center.​


How to Earn Points

1 Point - Pro Shop or Concession Purchase

2 Points - Racquet Stringing

3 Points - Outdoor Court Time, Private Lesson (60 minute paid lesson), League (month)

4 Points - Indoor Court Time (60-90 minute paid reservation)

6 Points - Group Lesson or Drill (day), Racquet Purchase.​​​​