Riverside Tennis Center Pickleball Tournaments
Pickleball Tournaments

​ICT Summer Classic

Join us for this three day tournament including Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Registration fee and 1st event is $40; $5 for each additional event. Teams will compete in round robin tournament (one game to 15 points, win by 2 points) followed by single elimination for top players/teams. Large brackets will be split into different pools with top teams proceeding to single elimination. Players must register within 7 days of their partner, or will be moved to waitlist until both players are registered.​​ Deadline to register is May 28 at 6pm.

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​Date ​Time ​Age/Skill Level
Mens/Womens Singles
June 2
​17+, 50+ / 3.0+
​Mens/Womens Doubles
​June 3
​8:30am ​17+, 50+, 60+ / 3.0-5.0
​Mixed Doubles
June 4
​8:30am ​17+, 50+, 60+ / 3.0-5.0

​Riverfest Pickleball Dink & Drink

This Riverfestival pickleball party and social event is open to beginner and intermediate players. Tournament play is a round robin format with winners determined by number of wins and losses, with a point differential being the deciding factor if needed. Each player will receive two drinks with registration. Contact the Tennis Center if assistance is needed finding a partner.

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​Date ​Time ​Age/Skill Level
​June 10