Riverside Tennis Center Pickleball Tournaments
Pickleball Tournaments

​ICT Fall-Out

Save the date and join us for this three day tournament including Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Registration fee and 1st event is $45; $5 for each additional event. Click here to register

​Date ​Time ​Age/Skill Level
Mens/Womens Singles
​Sept 23
​17+, 50+ / 3.0+
​Mens/Womens Doubles
​Sept 24
​8:30am ​17+, 50+, 60+ / 3.0-5.0
​Mixed Doubles
​Sept 25
​8:30am ​17+, 50+, 60+ / 3.0-5.0

All Wooden Racquet & Paddle Throwback Tournament

October 22 | 9:00am | Ages 16+

It's time to go old school! Get that wooden tennis racquet and pickleball paddle out of the closet and dust it off for this one day tournament. Enjoy doubles play with teams being pooled using a round robin format.

Registration begins August 8. Click here to register