Riverside Tennis Center Lessons

​Visit the Riverside Tennis Center to see our new outdoor pickleball courts!

​A paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.

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Rent a Pickleball Court

($4 per hour / reserve up to three days in advance)

Rentals not available during program times.

​Day ​Drop-in Open Play Times
​Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm​
Thursday​ 6:30-8:30pm​
Saturday​ 9:30-11:30am​
Sunday​ 2:00-4:00pm​

​Pickleball Introduction Clinic

Fast track your pickleball experience! This fast-paced 1 1/2 hour session includes basic instruction and rules of pickleball followed by practice play. Equipment is provided.

Pickleball Introduction Clinic (18+)June 25Sa9:00am - 12:00pm$30
Pickleball Introduction Clinic (18+)July 30Sa9:00am - 12:00pm$30
Pickleball Introduction Clinic (18+)August 27Sa9:00am - 12:00pm$30
Pickleball Introduction Clinic (ages 8-16)June 10F9:00-10:30am$15
Pickleball Introduction Clinic (ages 8-16)June 24F9:00-10:30am$15
Pickleball Introduction Clinic (ages 8-16)July 8F9:00-10:30am$15
Pickleball Introduction Clinic (ages 8-16)July 22F9:00-10:30am$15

​Pickleball Introduction

Get introduced to the game, learn basic skills and scoring. Equipment is provided.

Monthly fee.

Pickleball - Introduction Adult (ages 18+)May 3-24Tu6:30-8:00pm$40
Pickleball - Introduction Adult (ages 18+)June 7-28Tu6:30-8:00pm$40
Pickleball - Introduction Adult (ages 18+)July 5-26Tu6:30-8:00pm$40
Pickleball - Introduction Adult (ages 18+)August 2-23Tu6:30-8:00pm$40
Pickleball - Introduction Youth (ages 8-17)May 6-27F5:30-6:30pm$40

Pickleball - Open Drill

For players with some experience who want to gain strategy guidance. The first half refines technique while the second half introduces strategy.

Daily fee.

April 5-May 31Tu9:00-10:30am$15
April 6-May 25W6:30-7:30pm$10
June 1 - August 31W6:30-8:00pm$15
June 7 - August 30Tu8:30-10:00am$15

​Pickleball Open Play

Calling all Pickleball lovers! Beginners to advanced players will get a workout and improve skills by dropping in for these quick, fast-paced pick-up games. Fee is per visit.

Drop-In Pickleball

Beginners to advanced players will get a workout and improve skills by dropping in for these quick, fast-paced pick-up games.

June 2 - August 25Th8:30-10:00am$5

​Pickleball Skills & Drills

Step up your game! This program is for pickleball players who have completed the Pickleball Introduction class or beginning players with limited experience who want to improve technique, build consistency and gain confidence. Focus will be on improving the various shots, along with increasing reaction time.

June 7 - August 30Tu10:00-11:30am$15