Pro Shop


Ralph Wulz Riverside Tennis Center offers stringing and gripping services.

​Service ​Cost ​​Return Time
​Gripping ​FREE ​5 minutes
​Stringing (customer provides string) ​$20
​48 hours
​Stringing (string purchased at Center) ​$15
​48 hours​


​The Pro Shop offers a variety of Head racquets. Visit the Pro Shop to find the perfect racquet for you or have one special ordered by the Ralph Wulz Riverside Tennis Center staff. Let our experts find the right racquet for you!​​

​Product ​Fees
​Can of Balls ​$4.00
​Overgrips ​$2.00
​Vibration Dampers ​$2.00
​Head Replacement Grip
​Head String (Synthetic Gut, Sonic Pro, Lynx, Hawk, FXP)
$6.00 - 17.00​