Riverside Tennis Center Pickleball

​Visit the Riverside Tennis Center to see our new outdoor pickleball courts!

​A paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.


Rent a Pickleball Court

($4 per hour / reserve up to three days in advance). Rentals not available during program times.

Rent a Pickleball Court

($4 per hour / reserve up to three days in advance)

Rentals not available during program times.

​Day ​Drop-in Open Play Times
​Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm​
Thursday​ 6:30-8:30pm​
Saturday​ 9:30-11:30am​
Sunday​ 2:00-4:00pm​

​Pickleball Introduction

Get introduced to the game, learn basic skills and scoring. Equipment is provided.

​Dates ​Day Times ​Monthly Fee ​Register
​Youth (ages 8-17)
​​June, July, August​F​6:00-7:30pm​$40Register online
​Family (ages 8+)
​​June, July, August​W​​6:00-7:30pm​$40Register online
Adult (ages 18+)
​June, July, August​M​​​6:00-7:30pm​$40Register online
​​June, July, August​Th​9:00-10:30am​$40Register online
​​June, July, August​Sa​​9:00-10:30am​$40Register online


Drop-In Pickleball

Beginners to advanced players will get a workout and improve skills by dropping in for these quick, fast-paced pick-up games.

​​​Dates​Day​Times​Daily Fee​Register
​June - August​Tu​6:00-8:00pm​​$2​​By Phone (316) 337-9257
​​June - August​Th​6:00-8:00pm​​$2​By Phone (316) 337-9257
​​June - August​Sa1:00-3:00pm​​$2​​By Phone (316) 337-9257
​​June - August​Su​​2:00-4:00pm​​$2By Phone (316) 337-9257


Pickleball - Open Drill

For players with some experience who want to gain strategy guidance. The first half refines technique while the second half introduces strategy.

​​​​Dates ​​​Day ​​​Times Daily Fee Register
June - August Tu 9:00-10:00am ​$10 Register online
​June - August
Register online
​June - August ​Sa ​10:30-11:30am ​​$10 Register online